Iceland Day Three: Horsin’ Around

This morning we returned to Laxnes Horse Farm for a fun trail ride through the Icelandic countryside. This is also an activity we loved so much last time that we knew we wanted to do it again, this time with friends! The weather was slightly better this morning, but still heavy overcast and gusty. This afternoon, however, has turned into a gorgeous day with bright blue sky and swift moving clouds.

Riding Icelandic horses is a dream. They are gaited, which makes them easier to ride, and they are small and compact with wooly coats and sweet eyes. Our group had 14 riders, and we bobbled around like real Vikings (or at least, in my mind we did).

Vikings wore neon, right? Say Cheese!

When our ride was done, we dismounted and untacked, and the horses immediately rolled around in relief! I thought it was hilariously cute.

Back in Reykjavik for a late lunch, we went to Sandholt, which was recommended to me by a friend who recently visited. A great location, they offered a beautifully fresh assortment of house made chocolates, breads, pastries, cakes and delicious, lightly prepared foods. I loved the effort placed into the food and atmosphere of this cozy shop. I wanted one of everything, but I settled for a few select choices. Espresso, chocolate croissant and a Croque Madam sandwich.

After lunch, we walked around taking in Reykjavik in the beautiful sunlight, popping into different places and discovering all the beauty the is hidden around every corner here. The city is gorgeous, plain and simple. I snapped a bunch of pictures, but I plan to put together a compilation post of sights and miscellaneous eats and drinks a little later.

Tonight, Bjarki is coming over to our apartment to hang out, and then we will all go to dinner together. Nothing is better than time spent with people you love, in a place as amazing as this.

Until tomorrow 🙂

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