Rainy Reykjavik! Driving the Golden Circle

If Day 1 was Sleepy Reykjavik, Day 2 was most definitely Rainy Reykjavik. But, that didn’t stop our little family of four from having a really busy and fun day. 🙂 Let’s get into it!

To start, visit my earlier post, Sleepy Reykjavik. If I had to sum up our morning outside of the previous post, in a haiku, it would go something like:

Oh, my sweet pastry,

How warm and gooey you are.

Oh, I am fatter.

So, around lunchtime, Bjarki and family (finally met Vuka and Baby!!! Love them) met us in Reykjavik, and we set out to cruise The Golden Circle. This is a really nice driving tour that takes you to three of Iceland’s most well known sights: Gullfoss, Geysir, and Þingvellir (pronounced thingvellier). We had seen all of these on our last trip, but this time was special because our friend personally escorted us out there and this way Jeff and Greyson also had the chance to experience these marvels. The weather was very rainy with very low visibility in many areas, and the wind gusts are truly a marvel in and of themselves. Earlier today, Rob and I went exploring down by the Harbor and the wind was so strong, we could lean our entire body weight backward into it and be supported enough not to fall over. If you have a pet or small child, watch out! (PS, the portrait mode on the new iphone is super great for fancy shots! Hello Christmas card).

So, to recap for today, we got wind, rain, wind and stinging rain. Every now and then we would get a good break for pictures, but that’s Iceland! The good news is the remainder of the week is forecasted to be VERY nice. We shall see what happens.

Driving through Iceland is like driving on another planet. The views are breathtaking in a way most people never have a chance to see, so even on the less than perfect days, I consider myself so blessed to be here. It’s haunting, vast, serious and inspiring. I loved every minute of today, even though my Costco jacket was 0% waterproof.

That’s Rob and Bjarki. I know I’ve posted about him before, but there is so much to this guy it deserves to be repeated. He is, above everything, a genuinely great person. He’s intelligent and funny, and very proud of his home country which makes it all the more special to be a guest here. If you have a question about anything, he knows the answer. I’m amazed how he is always so poised to respond with knowledge. I am also amazed that he took an entire day to play “troop leader” to us, driving around in very dismal conditions to places he’s been to probably dozens of times, but every time I said thank you it was always “Oh, it’s my pleasure, I’m happy to be here”. Just a great guy in every way. Also, when my jacket got so water logged that I couldn’t even wear it anymore, Bjarki lent me a spare he had. Swoooooooon.

After our sightseeing, we said goodbye (for the day) and the four of us went and helped Rob fulfill a dream that was born on our last trip- we went and ate at the Lebowski Bar! (PS, when the below exterior picture was taken, it was 9pm).

This is a hamburger joint in Iceland modeled after the infamous movie, the Big Lebowski. A favorite movie of ours, Rob saw this place on our last trip but we never had the chance to drop in. So, finally, tonight we dined in the temple of The Dude. Rob was so happy, that I didn’t care we spent 100 dollars on our meal (Iceland is expensive y’all).Of course, they have any kind of white Russian you could possibly want to order!

The Dude Abides.

The dinner and the company, just like our day, was lovely in every way. I am lucky to be on this trip with my husband and our amazing friends.

It’s now midnight, even though the twilight of the evening just slipped away into darkness. In the morning, it’s horse riding time!


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