Iceland Day…What day is this? Snow and Beer Day!

Today (Thursday) was probably the most fun day yet. Just exhilarating in a totally different way than any day so far. It started early this morning when Bjarki picked us up from our apartment, and we made our way north on the island, about two hours or so of a drive. The destination: the Glacier Langjökull. You can book these tours through Into the Glacier, but Bjarki made arrangements for us and personally drove us up there. The weather was simply perfect today! The drive boasted spectacular views:

When we arrived at the base camp, we had a little while before our tour started. Of course, car guys can will talk about cars anywhere; it’s pretty cute. Our tour started with a very bumpy ride up to the snow peaked mountain, where we would get outfitted and pick up our snowmobiles! The panoramic views up at this point were amazing- the pictures don’t do them justice capturing the depth of everything out there.

Our guide lead us to the entrance of the Glacier to meet up with several other tours who got there the slow way (via a snow crawling truck).

Snowmobiles are incredibly fun and nimble! I wish we could have spent hours on them, but I’m happy to have said I’ve ridden on the back of a snowmobile while my love drove us over the snowy mountain, kicking up ice having a blast.

The glacier tour was so very cool! It lasted about an hour, and is better to see than have me explain anything.

It was just the very coolest experience. And the fun doesn’t stop there! After our tour, we made our way back to the city, headed to a Beer history and brewery tour at the Borg Brugghus, a microbrewery here in Reykjavik. This turned out to be the highlight so far, of our trip.  I don’t know, something about the special thing that happens when you get friends around a table together, drinking good beer and enjoying each other. It doesn’t really matter where you are, but it certainly doesn’t hurt we are here in Iceland 🙂

Our beer “teacher” was hilarious and awesome. She really made this experience joyful and fun. We listened as she talked through the history of beer in Iceland, how the brewery began, and we sampled several of their beers. My favorite beer in Iceland so far is made here, called “Gull” which means “Golden”. It’s a perfect Lager, and I wish we had this back home. It would be my go-to beer!

The samples were PLENTY, just like the laughs. We got to walk through and check out the manufacturing and distribution sides as well as check out the vats of beer as they made their way through their beer process. 

Want to see a fun picture? This is the beginning of the Reykjavik sunset…and this picture was taken at about 9:15pm. The sunlight hours are insane here this time of year. It will finally grow dark at midnight, and the light then begins to fade back in at about 4am. Sleep is for the birds here.

Until tomorrow…goodnight, or good day, I can’t keep up anymore!


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