Valentine’s Day Weekend Wrap Up!

Hello Lovers!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Such a silly holiday really, but you almost can’t help give into it a little bit. Rob and I are in love every day though so this really wasn’t much of a different week for us despite a few extra excuses to spend more money!

About a month ago I saw that a great comedian would be coming through Huntsville on Valentine’s night so I got us tickets. I had never been to a live comedy show before! Brian Regan is really funny- I had seen him a bunch on TV but his material was fresh and hilarious. The only downside was the it was a packed house and I think everyone in the place was sick…I could literally feel the germs penetrating into me and when it was over I practically sprinted out of the place. I woke up feeling fine though! So far…:)

Anyway, I’ll back up. Friday night we came home from work and lounged around, ate some chili, and enjoyed each other’s company. Rob played guitar for us (me and the animals) for a long time and it was nice to just lay around and listen to some live music. Then I picked up the guitar and he tried to help me knock the dust off some chords. It was terribly embarrassing. I’ll leave the guitar playing to him.


Oh! Great news! Sam’s tumor on his ear that was removed earlier this week was benign! So he gets to keep his ear. 🙂 We were happy about that. Though I had begun brain storming different type ears we could have let him wear, like Mickey Mouse Ears or something 🙂


Rob was amazing and surprised me with some Reebok Nano 3.0 shoes this week!! My Innov-8s were getting grimy and I had been dropping hints about wanting a new pair and this is what he picked! They are awesome!

IMG_7544We went to the Saturday morning WOD so I could try them out.


I got a good bit of lifting in them and did a bunch of rope climbs and they felt great! Eager to see how they feel running- they are not nearly as “absent feeling” as my Innov-8s were- much more overall foot protection/padding while still being a minimalist shoe. And I love the color combo!

Accessory work Selfie ❤ ❤


Rob perfected his bar muscle up after the WOD which was awesome to watch and I worked on trying to get chest to bar pull ups and also did a lot of toes to bar progression.

After Crossfit, we went to Earth Fare and got some awesome goodies there. I’m always amazed on how much money you can spend there and how few bags you walk out with. We spent over 100 bucks and carried out only three paper bags. Some things you just HAVE to have though, right?

Then a few hours later it was time for dinner and the comedy show! We chose Hildegard’s because it’s become one of our favorite places in Huntsville to eat. They have amazing German food!! Unless you are a trained Eating Contest Winner or something, you’ll want to split whatever dinner you order with someone else. I recommend…everything!


We got there pretty early since we didn’t know what to expect with all of the Valentine’s shenanigans, and we finished with some time to kill, which took us to Starbucks for some caffeine because we are old and need energy intervention past 7:30pm.

IMG_7593 IMG_7594 IMG_7601

Today, the sun is shining and we have only Church and more Chili making on the to-do list 🙂 Tomorrow is a holiday and the weather forecast is showing that we may get some snow (finally!). So, I expect today to be relaxing and joyful.

On Friday, I picked up a treat for Rob and I from our local (and only) Gluten Free Bistro/Bakery.

We ate it for breakfast. 🙂


How can you NOT have a joyful day after that!?

What did you get surprised with this weekend and what delicious eats and drinks did you enjoy?


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