Your half makes us Whole

A few days ago I made a small batch of cookies. Today, there was only one left and it was sitting on the counter in a bag. I asked Rob if he wanted to take the cookie to work and he said, “well only if you don’t want it”. I replied, “You take it!” and then I walked out of the kitchen to finish getting ready.

When I came back into the kitchen, Rob had already left for work and I was happy to see he remembered to take the cookie with him. I grabbed my purse and my lunch bag (which had already been packed) and headed out the door.

Just now, I went into the fridge to retrieve something out of it, and I saw a folded up Ziploc bag inside. Here is what I pulled out.


I will spend all of my days on this earth wondering what I have done to deserve the goodness he gives me every day.  I am profoundly grateful to have married such an incredible giver of love and I am blessed beyond what I deserve. May this never ever be lost on me!

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