Friday Happiness and a Long Weekend!

So it’s the Friday before a long weekend which is basically one of the best feelings ever. The weather is beautiful, and I took the jeep to work today.

BFF Kim wanted to hitchhike to work so I gave her a ride, and we plan to sneak out at 11 (we have a half day today anyway) and hit up the 11:30 Crossfit class. Filthy Fifty!!! Ahhhh, I can’t believe in the 14 months I’ve been doing Crossfit I haven’t had a date with Filthy Fifty yet. I’m still not sure what my plan is- maybe scale all the reps to 30 for my first attempt? For those of you who don’t know what Filthy Fifty is, it’s this piece of work, for time:

50 box jumps 24″

50 jumping pull-ups (wrist folds at bar)

50 KBS 16kg

50 walking lunges, alternating

50 knees to elbows

50 push press 45/35

50 back/hip extensions

50 WBS 20/14  10′

50 burpees

50 double unders


After the WOD Kim and I are going to hit up this cute little boutique by my house that is always having some kind of sidewalk sale or something but I never manage to make the time to stop and go in. I’ve shopped in there a few times before but I figured with the extra time today not being at work, it only makes sense to shop. Plus, I’m not super excited about rushing home to clean the house. Sorry for the other shoppers in there who have to see and possibly smell us after the WOD. We will at least change into dry clothes first.

Tonight we are having dinner with some friends who we haven’t seen in a looooong time at a great local Mexican place called Rosie’s. So anytime there is a Margarita in my future, it’s a good day.

Rob had a successful first week at his new job! I am so proud of him. Here is the cheesy “back to work” photo I took of him. Really it’s not back to work because the poor dude didn’t even have a break between the last gig and the new one but I really don’t feel bad for him. It’s hard to pity a guy this handsome.



Last night, in celebration of SEC college football officially kicking off, I made a new paleo chili recipe a friend gave me. It simmered for 12 long hours and so when Rob and I got home from Crossfit, the only thing we had to do was spoon it into a bowl, grab a beer, and plop down to watch the games. Something about the fall season approaching always makes me so happy!


Also on the docket for the weekend:

College game day starts at 9am Saturday.

Rob and I plan to do the 8am WOD.

Robs parents are coming up for a day visit on Saturday. 🙂

Our AUburn Tigers open the season against Arkansas at home! War Eagle!

College Game Day and football will be playing non stop at our house on Saturday.

I’ll likely eat a lot.

The vehicles all need detailing.

I’ll probably WOD on Sunday too. (because of the aforementioned eating).

Sleeping in on MONDAY!

Also, just a helpful note: if you happen to accidentally dump half a container of pepper into your scrambled eggs, all is not lost. You can, with enough inner strength, scrape most of it off the top and continue scrambling. The end result will be a tasty, yet spicy breakfast that will put a some extra pep in your step.

A picture of my goofy family just because it makes my heart smile.



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