Happiness and a Long Weekend, Part 2! #LaborDay

This weekend has been so sweet and fun! FYI This is probably my longest post ever so don’t start reading if you already have to go to the bathroom.

To pick up where I left off last, Filthy Fifty went well! I decided to do 40 reps of everything instead of fifty and I modified three movements. Because I have been dealing with a lower disc issue (haven’t posted about that much, only to say I’ve been dealing with pain and working with my chiropractor) I did step ups to a 20in box instead of box jumps. During the warm up, I tried one box jump and the sudden impact really felt terrible so I immediately decided not to do that again. Secondly, I scaled the knees to elbows to V Ups. I’m just not efficient on the bar to be able to grind through those. And lastly, instead of the burpees, I did strict push ups on my knees to avoid straining and pinching the disc in my lower back. I finshed in 31:05 and felt I got a great work out even with the modifications. Next time I will do all fifty reps and maybe I will be healthy enough not to scale the box jumps and burpees.

Kim and I had fun shopping! We each took away cute things. Then, dinner with old friends was so nice and so were the two margaritas I drank. Here is a picture of us with their kiddos, looking like we know what we’re doing to be entertaining. Seriously though, their kids are too cute even with salsa all over their face. And Rob’s experience cradling our cat really paid dividends when it came to holding Lucy so comfortably that she took a long nap. Looking forward to the next visit!


When we got home, we got into comfy clothes and were settling in to watch some football when we got an unexpected beer invite to a bar downtown by some friends. So, Rob and I looked at each other, and then the clock (which at the time only said 8:30) and we we’re like….uhhh, let’s get out of the house, we are not this old. So we put cute clothes back on and off we went to meet up with some friends at Below the Radar for a beer.

Do you know that saying “if you give a mouse a cookie….”. It’s works the same when you give a woman a drink. So, it was a natural progression of shameful decision making that led to us ordering this:

IMG_6772That’s fried macaroni and cheese in bite size form. WHAT!? (they were delicious but I didn’t need to tell you that. You know what’s up).

Saturday morning was planned to begin with an 8am WOD however, when we realized what time Rob’s parents would be coming up we knew we wouldn’t have enough time to get back and get ready before they arrived. Plus, I really needed another rest day on my back. So I called an audible before bed and we decided to skip CF Saturday morning and just enjoy our first official college game day Saturday. Coffee pot went off at about 7:30 and we got up, turned on the TV and enjoyed a very relaxing morning of eggs and sweet potato hash with some bacon, game day, and some mobility work.

Our cat is extremely into mobility sessions.

IMG_6774 IMG_6777 IMG_6779 IMG_6780He’s so weird. And not really helpful to us or appreciative of anything we do in any way. Way to totally play into your cat stereotype, Sneak!

Rob’s parent’s visit was great! We went to, wait for it, Below the Radar for lunch! We avoided the fried macaroni and cheese bites this time. I wish I could have taken pictures of what we ordered but I think his parents would have thought I was acting a fool so I resisted my overwhelming urges to take a picture of the beautiful caprese plate we had as an appetizer and then the very lush spinach salad I ordered. When they come up, they usually always bring us something special, and recently that had visited St. Martin and Nicaragua so they brought us spice blends and some authentic vanilla which we love and she brought me this beautiful tunic back.


Why is this picture so big and up close? Scoot back Rob. C’mon man. (please excuse my Jeep hair). But isn’t this top so pretty? The beadwork is really something.


They left just before AU kicked off. We’ve officially begun the season of wanting to de-friend half of my facebook newsfeed, and watching games where this is my view:


My sweet husband is incapable of sitting down to watch Auburn play football. He also paces, yells, claps, jumps around, and generally just irritates our very emotional and excitable border collie who intensely watches his every move during the games. Here is a picture I snapped of them celebrating together last year after we beat Alabama.


A big ol’ War Eagle for the great AU win! Afterward, we decided to meet up with our buds Kim and her hubby Zac for dinner and wanted to be adventurous, so we decided to show them how great Thai Garden is, which is one of our favorite restaurants in Huntsville. They were closed. Plan B was for all of us to try out a great German place not far from there called Hildegard’s that comes highly recommend by some other great friends but when we got there, they were closing in 10 minutes. Ugh. Seriously folks, be open for dinner Saturday night. People want to eat! SO, plan C was a local Mexican place that neither of us really knew anything about and it was….food. Cheap food. That’s about all I got. I had been excited to get a picture of the four of us at Thai Garden so I could include it in this post but “Los Mariachis” just didn’t really illicit the same vibe. Oh well!

Sunday began with Rob sleeping in, and then a quick brunch at home before we headed to the store. We finished running errands just in time to make it back home, change, and get to the 4pm WOD. We took the jeep with the top off and managed to dodge most of the rain. Living on the edge.

I snapped these pictures on the drive home. I really do love where we live, it’s a beautiful place.

Well this isn’t that beautiful, but you can see how adventurous we were being in the rain.

IMG_6804 IMG_6806 IMG_6808 IMG_6809

I am changing things up this week and making some new recipes. Saturday night, I made Navratan Korma, which is an Indian Vegetarian dish traditionally prepared for royalty. It was SO good. I even just had it for lunch again on Sunday but looking at this picture makes me want it again. I had the thought that this would be a great breakfast with a fried egg on top too.


The recipe can be found here, along with her recipe for paleo naan bread. This girl knows how to prepare authentic, paleo indian cuisine!

Sunday, we got up “early” and hit up the 9:15 Labor Day WOD. And it was a doozy. But you gotta love the Crossfitter’s love/hate relationship for a brutal chipper on a hot day. Shout out to my WOD bestie Kim and this funny text. We like to keep each other motivated 🙂



Through thick and thin.

The WOD was:

A. EMOM for 5 minutes 5 burpees and 10 double unders

B. Complete the following for time of:

25 hand release push-ups

100 double unders

1200m run

20 hand release push-ups

75 double unders

800m run

15 hand release push-ups

50 double unders

400m run

10 hand release push-ups

25 double unders

200m run

Phew! I finished just a hair under 30 minutes with some moderate scaling. The rest of our Sunday was spent cleaning up the yard ( I particularly love when Rob cuts grass because I get to look out the window at him without a shirt), cleaning up the house, washing cars, relaxing, and eating. I bought 8 pounds boston butt and put it in the crock pot at 10pm Saturday night so that we may enjoy Kalua Pig for dinner Sunday.

Here are a few more pictures, mainly of the weekend wrap up 🙂 Dear reader, if you made it this far into this post, I owe you a glass of wine. (I’m currently in bed with one, so c’mon). Thanks for sticking it out! Now you can go to the bathroom!









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