Herb Crusted Acorn Squash Wedges (and other ramblings)

GUYS. Guys. I have a midweek Margarita problem. But with weather like this how can you blame me. (Are you blaming me?)



Because tonight was an “off” night from Crossfit, we both came home from work and immediately went outside with beverages. The pups romped, and we spit sunflower seeds and enjoyed the amazing warmth from the afternoon sun and gentle breeze. Our backyard is a sanctuary for afternoons like today. Thank you Lord.

Last night I made something new and different! Acorn Squash. Okay, I’ve made it before, but admittedly, it’s not one of my “go-to” squash friends. However, when I saw Juli (from PaleOMG) post about this recipe a month or so ago, I wanted to give it a try. So I bought an acorn squash (about a month ago) and it’s just been sitting in the veggie basket on the counter since then. I finally got my act together last night and made this recipe.

This is my artsy shot of my cut up squash. The sun is coming in my kitchen window. And yep, that’s my finger smudge in the bottom left corner of the picture, totally wrecking the shot.


Aaaannnddd this is the end result.


So I realize now that I get completely distracted and involved in the cooking process and I totally suck at like…action shots or pictures for different steps. So, sorry. You get the alpha and the omega. These were very tasty and you can even eat the skin of the squash no problem. They DO NOT get crispy, as I had hoped for. They get…mushy. So, recommendations would include, cutting the wedges a little thicker so they don’t lose shape if you look at them wrong.

I made them alongside my newest favorite dinner dish which I’ve featured on here before, Baked Salmon Cakes. Oh. They make my life whole. I’ve made them at least once a week for the last month. Cannot get enough. I eat them for dinner, breakfast the following day, lunch the following meal, and then usually they are gone (but would follow with one for a snack if possible).

IMG_5955 IMG_5957

So, I am excited to announce that Rob and I have officially made plans for our 5 year anniversary this summer…we are going to Savannah, GA! We both wanted to go somewhere that’s been on our travel list, but we wanted to be conservative with the budget and time spent away from home. We settled on Savannah and already have a few of the details in place. I cannot wait!!! While reading more about the city and visiting, I learned that it’s actually a very dog friendly place, so we considered taking our boys, and then totally decided to go for it. So, the 4 of us will be taking a family vacation in mid-July and leaving the cat(s) behind. HA.

Tonight I threw together a paleo skillet that turned out so deliciously. (is it proper to end a sentence with an adverb?) Ground turkey, kale, apples, purple potatoes, onions and garlic all harmoniously hanging out amongst aromatic spices. Then, for ultimate fun, I grabbed a few corn tortillas and fresh Parmesan to make little Hippie tacos. And then that led to a very strong Margarita and then that led to my confession about my mid-week Margarita problem. Full circle, people!

IMG_5966 IMG_5967

I regret nothing!

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  1. You are one awesome cook my lovely daughter! And midweek margarita’s are a good thing when the weather is good for sitting outside and basking in all the glory of beautiful!

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