Mexican Dinner Party

I love when friends can come together very easily and enjoy each other. I think in a time where social “mobile” communication is overwhelmingly prominent, the tangible magic that occurs when people come together to share and live and interact can be lost, or not even have the chance to occur at all. So when the opportunity is there, it’s important to pounce. And if you don’t think multiple margaritas and 5 pounds of authentically made guacamole is pounce enough, then your expectations are skewed!

Felicia is that friend that won’t let you regress into a “mobile” half ass friendship that we tend to prefer these days. When it’s just so much easier to stay in touch via facebook or texting, and use the lazy excuse of “oh we just saw each other for 5 minutes at crossfit, that counts as hanging out right!? we totally hung out just then and we’re good for a few weeks, yes?” she is committed to bringing genuine meaning to the relationships in her life. One of the multiple reasons I admire her. It keeps me accountable to my own approach toward those I love, and though it may take extra work, it’s so much more satisfying than the alternative. We shouldn’t settle for anything less! Life is so fleeting. Make the most of the here and now with the people that make you better, make you whole.

So earlier this week, Felicia suggested we get together for dinner and use the clear Saturday night as an opportunity to fire up the grill. In true Felicia fashion, she basically provided everything. That girl’s heart has more square footage than the Pentagon (which has 6.601 million sq ft FYI). So she brought over Carne Asada steak, more limes than I’ve ever seen in one place, avocados, corn tortillas, and her pico de gallo. I was in charge of Mexican Cauliflower Rice, Margaritas, and fried Plantains! And everyone gathered at our house to put it all together.

I’ve worked with Kim for almost 2 years now, and we’ve been friends since the first day. She is cute and friendly and very good at her job, and we share many of the same interests. Eating, Crossfit, Cooking, Fitness, American Eagle jeans, preference on Gin; the really important things in life. She recently came to Crossfit Huntsville so we have been spending more and more time together outside of work, and when she told me her husband was working the night shift this weekend, I invited her because lonely Saturday nights are fun for no one. I’m so glad she came over! The 5 of us (6 if you count Jose Cuervo) had enough fun for 10 people, and enough guacamole for 30.


IMG_5900 IMG_5901 IMG_5902 IMG_5906

IMG_5907 IMG_5908

Felicia testing her creation!

IMG_5911 IMG_5912 IMG_5913So I learned that you hang onto the avocado pits and then gracefully place them on top of the guacamole to keep it from turning brown!! How cool is that?? This stuff was insanenly good on sweet potato chips!


Frying plantains is a labor of love (I often shouted this during conversation last night as I stood over the hot stove meticulously cooking these suckers up, else someone should forget). They are DELICIOUS, but they require some effort.

Slice your plantains as such. For frying, they need to be green on the outside. This is when they are the starchiest.


Start by frying them in small batches, turning often so the coloring is even. When they are light brown, remove them to drain and season (I like salt, cumin, and garlic). Then squash them flat with the bottom of a glass- this releases more of the startchy middle- you’re about to twice fry them.

IMG_5918 IMG_5926 IMG_5928 Why did I pose for that picture?IMG_5930

Fair waning, if you make these, your friends will eat them all. Mine did!

My cauliflower rice turned out lovely! I decided to try “roasting” it in the oven this time vs. making it on the stove in a large wok. This was a much better way to prepare a large quantity of it.

Before cooking: (I chopped up onion, jalepeno, garlic, red sweet pepper and cooked bacon and made my own mexican spice blend).



After cooking at 425 for about 30 minutes. So wonderful!

IMG_5932 IMG_5933

Dinner is served! Rob did a bang up job of grilling the steak to a perfect medium.

IMG_5934 IMG_5935

Y’all, this was the end result. Thank goodness fat is your friend.


Take this opportunity to call some friends and schedule and at-home dinner date with them. You’ll go to bed that night with a smile on your face, feeling loved. And you’ll wake up the next morning with a kitchen to clean, but oh the memories!

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