Good Friday! (Every Friday is Good).

Happy Good Friday!

It’s cloudy and cool today but I won’t let that get me down. This week has been a very happy one, not for any particular reason, it;s just been filled with good work outs, good food, and quality time with Rob and the critters. Rob is golfing all day today “for work” so as you can imagine, he’s having a very GOOD Friday.

Tonight, after Crossfit, we are going to an event hosted by Downtown Huntsville which is going to feature a “Street Food Season Kickoff” party. There will be 16 food trucks and 3 bands set up and admission is FREE. All of the food trucks offer something unique and different and TASTY and I am so excited. Seriously, put me in an outdoor atmosphere and surround me with vehicles handing food out of a window and that’s my Coachella. What is with Coachella anyway? Where do they go to the bathroom? Isn’t it very stinky and gross with the sun beating down and the lack of showering space? I couldn’t deal with that. I love music, but Pandora is free, in my home, and there is a bathroom very near. Hmmm, I wonder what the bathroom situation will be like tonight at the Food Truck rally.

Good thing tonight is a chipper and tomorrow is BBOLC Snatch Saturday so I can sandwich this eating event between two very intense workouts. I’ll be sure to take pictures and update the blog with all of the deliciousness we experience.

Here is my week in food pictures.

Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Asparagus



Grilled Salmon and Greek Salad (with some goat cheese!)


Brisket with Plantains and Guacamole


Steak, Sweet Potato and Spinach Salad (PSA: I only ate half the steak). I kept thinking about The Great Outdoors and John Candy eating the Ol’ 96er. That was a hilarious movie. If you haven’t watched the Great Outdoors, make a point to do so this weekend.


Ultimate Paleo Comfort Food: Salisbury Steak Meatballs with Cauliflower Rice and Green Beans. Made this last night and paired it with a Yuengling and I’m already excited thinking about eating it for lunch. I wish I could drink beer at lunch at work. I think I would be far more awesome to work with if I could. Ordinarily I’m usually just a grouch.


Earlier this week I got my new weight belt and wrist wraps from Harbinger. Hooray! I love love love my weight belt. There are about 5 girls in my box that have the same exact one, but I don’t care. And I’ve never really been into pink but whatever. I wrote my name with a sharpie on the inside- that makes it unique, right? Anyway, it’s the perfect belt and fits extremely well. The quality is great and it won’t break the bank at all (20 bucks).


So wrist wraps. For general crossfitting, I never felt like wrist wraps were something I needed. I never wanted to get into a habit of needing them because I wanted my wrists to get as strong as possible to support whatever I was lifting. And for the amount of time we spend on strict strength work and whatever strength components are incorporated into a WOD, I just always felt fine without them. It wasn’t until I started BBOLC (Berry’s Barbell Olympic Lifting Club) that I realized how important wrist wraps were for longer lifting sessions with heavier weight. My super friend Courtney had an extra pair and graciously allowed me to use them and sweat in them. How gross. But, she saved me that day. I should bake her something.

Wrist wraps are imperative; Especially during snatches/OHS/Jerks. It only took one Snatch Saturday (wearing the borrowed wrist wraps) before I immediately went home and ordered these.


Pretty simple design and they offer great support. I enjoy them. And they really do make a difference when you start taking heavier weight overhead. And now I won’t have to gross up anyone elses spare set of wraps. Phew!

Hope you all have an awesome Easter Weekend. Here’s to hoping this office closes at noon today.


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