Savannah Day…what day was this again? Oh right, 4!

It’s weird how the days start to run together when you aren’t hoping for Friday to get here, like most weeks. Quite the opposite for us this week!

Today Rob and I wrapped up our last full day in Savannah. I think that if we had another day here, we wouldn’t quite know what to do with it. We did everything we really wanted to do so I feel completely satisfied with the length of our trip; it’s been wonderful.

We began our day by visiting the Ships of the Maritime Museum. Rob is a huge history buff and I’m a huge Rob buff so I happily went along. It was three floors of nothing but ships. Ships in cases, ships in bottles, ships on ships. The models were really incredible though, and there was one I saw where the model was built in the early 1800s!! Each model or painting had a plaque beside it explaining it’s origin, interesting facts or voyages, and how it decommissioned (usually from sinking). I realized most boats just sank back then, taking its crew with it. IMG_8138 IMG_8140 The model of the Titanic, arguably the most famous ship wreck of all.IMG_8143 IMG_8144If you like ships, and reading about ship facts, I recommend this place. Interestingly enough, when we were down on the bottom floor, Rob instantly realized he recognized the place and figured out that he had been there many years ago for our good friend Christy and Matt’s wedding reception! So, that was really cool to learn 🙂 I did get to drive a ship. Not really, it’s fake, don’t worry. Maybe you don’t say drive a ship. I pretended to steer. IMG_0073Lunch was at this awesome South African street food place called Zunzi’s. Phil and Meghan had recommended it, and it’s actually rated like the number 10 place to eat in Savannah.IMG_8149You walk up and order from the counter, and then can take it and run or sit outside under their psychedelic umbrellas.IMG_8150So this picture sucks, sorry. I try really hard not to look like a total goon taking pictures at every meal here, so I try and make it quick so no one thinks I’m one of THOSE people. I guess I am though. Rob got the “Godfather” and I got the “Conquistador”. Basically, this place makes sandwiches. Mine has baked chicken, lettuce tomato and their house sauces, which reminded me a lot of an Italian or Mediterranean dressing. Rob’s was all of that plus two kinds of sausage and Marinara sauce.IMG_8146I also got some Zapp’s Voodoo chips has an homage to my late Stepfather. I remember we always had a bag of these at home when I was growing up; they were his favorite and I hadn’t seen or had them in so many years! I miss him and knew he would have loved this meal. I wish I could ask him about Savannah. I imagine he had visited before and would probably have stories or memories to share with me.IMG_8148I highly recommend this place if you come through here!! Something about good quality street food. Oh! Also, their iced tea is delicious. Rob and I both got unsweet teas and we kept trying to figure out what the special flavor was in the tea. It tasted floral and exotic. So when I went to get a refill I asked, and it’s a special blend of orange, coconut, and vanilla. Really refreshing!

From lunch, we headed east, as far east as we could go, to visit Tybee Island. On the way there I realized that I have never visited or seen the Atlantic Ocean before. I’ve been on the gulf side of Florida, and in the Gulf from our own beaches in Alabama, but never at the Atlantic coast. So! That in itself made the trip worth it.

When we got there, the weather was overcast and little drops were starting to fall. IMG_8151 IMG_8154 So for those of you who know me well, you know my experiences with the ocean. Every time I get into the sea, the jellyfish come and find me, so most of my ocean swimming experiences aren’t really that happy. Much like mosquitos, I am forever plagued by stinging things. The jellyfish is the mosquito of the sea and today was no different. He washed up just for me. IMG_8157 IMG_0076 IMG_8160 Something Something Seashells by the seashore.IMG_8162The beach was peaceful and not crowded at all, I’m guessing because it was the middle of a week day. IMG_0081We walked into the “center” of what I imagine is the hub of Tybee beach to find our ole favorite, Wet Willies. We are becoming somewhat professional in our consumption of these. This one was my favorite drink by far- it was the combination of three other flavors as recommended by our bartender. IMG_8165 Then we just sat on top of a bench and people watched for awhile. The sun came out before too long 🙂  We decided from there we wanted to visit Fort Pulaski since it was on the way back toward Savannah, so off we went!IMG_8168For Pulaski was really interesting and I’m so glad Rob insisted we go! Much more exciting than the Maritime Museum. This was also a bargain thing to do- it was only 5 dollars each adult and that buys you a one week pass, so you can come back as many times as you want. If you enjoy history (which I would imagine if you are visiting Savannah you do) then definitely plan to check out Fort Pulaski. When you arrive, the first thing you’ll come up on is the gravesite of what they called the “Immortal 600” which are people that died while working to build the fort, and then infantry and officers who died as well. They eventually relocated the burial site of all of them, but 13 officers remain. I instantly had goose bumps, it’s a beautiful spot.

IMG_8173 Walking up toward the fort, and walking through some of the dug out areas.IMG_8174 IMG_8175To be honest, I kind of ran through this part because the mosquitos were hunting me. We quickly made our way into the main fort to explore.IMG_8176 IMG_8178 IMG_0083 IMG_8183It’s an amazing place that you can crawl through and up on. Many of the original damaged areas remain from when the union forces attacked and ultimately took it from the Confederate army. You can opt for a guided tour, but we chose to go off on our own and walk through it at our own pace. Eventually, I started sweating through my white romper, so we walked back to the car, and set out on the next adventure.IMG_8185These next photographs speak for themselves. Bonaventure is an incredibly beautiful and haunting place. In many areas, I had goose bumps and a lump in my throat while walking through and admiring the headstones, mausoleums, and statues.IMG_8187 IMG_0084 IMG_8189 IMG_0086From there, we came back to our place and chilled out on the porch for a few hours, just talking. I have the best friend in the whole world, I am so grateful to God that I get to spend my life going on these adventures with him.

Well, I might as well share our final dinner!! We were torn on where to go or what to do, but in the end, Rob and I love and appreciate great food experiences over “tourist go-to places” so I chose somewhere that came highly recommend by folks local to this area. Rob and I love Thai food, so we chose a little joint called Chiriya’s Thai Cuisine. I’m so glad we did!!

IMG_8191 IMG_8194 Summer RollsIMG_8195 IMG_8196 I got the house “Special Noodles”. It was a hard choice between that, Pad Thai, or Pad See Ew. It was beautifully plated and delicious.

Rob got Basil Stir Fry. One of our favorite restaurants in all of Huntsville is this little family owned placed called Thai Garden. This place reminded me of Thai Garden. Felt a little like home and the food really was just what we were hoping for.IMG_0087 Since I’m on vacation, I indulged in one of my favorite treats! Thai Coffee!!!IMG_8197

And so ends our Savannah Vacation that we have been planning and looking forward to for over a year. It’s been an amazing trip, and I will never forget all of the happiness we shared here with each other, and our sweet pups.


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