Savannah Day 3, A Dog Day of Summer

I’m really glad I decided to blog about each day independently rather than wait until home and start then. It’s pretty exhausting to sit down and hash out the details of the day, and I find myself wanting to write quickly through it but I remember that one day, I won’t have the details so clear in my mind anymore, and that’s what this is for. So, I’ll slow down and start from this morning.

Breakfast was at 8:30 and the smell of bacon wafted down the stairs to our room pretty early. There is no better way to wake up I’m quite certain. The coffee here is good too, which can always be a disappointing detail if it’s not. Every place was set this morning at the table, and so we got to know a whole new bunch of folks from all over.IMG_0035This is a little courtyard in the middle of the two structures of our Inn.  Up those steps on the left is the entrance to the kitchen and other rooms and then it connects on the right to another building with more rooms. There is a little koi pond over in the far back corner. I’m drinking the good coffee here.

The first part of the day was to be for the dogs, so after breakfast we geared up and headed out to find the dog park at Mother Matilda Beasley’s Park, which was a little less than a mile away. The morning was already hot, and it’s nice when you’re walking to find large stretches of shady spaces to walk under.IMG_0045_2 IMG_0046Something we noticed on our walk there was this cool little book box. What a neat idea! Vicki Hill, I immediately thought of you! IMG_0036_2 IMG_0037_2 IMG_0038_2It was just there on a quite street for you to enjoy or give back to! What a cool idea.

When we got to the park, we found out we had the place to ourselves.IMG_0041 IMG_0043The water hose and the tubs were a bonus!! It really helped cool the dogs off. There was even a bottle of doggie shampoo there so we were able to give them a quick bath before we left. They loved the water time, so when we get back home, I think we will need to invest in one of these, or a cheap kiddie pool for this summer. I wish Rob would build us a real pool 😦 😦 😦 (I may have said those words and given that face many times during this trip so far).

We spent about 2.5 hours getting there, playing and getting back, so the dogs were quite tired. We unloaded them and then set off just the two of us on foot to go visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I posted a picture of it yesterday, but we never went inside. Today we did.IMG_0050 The interior of the church took my breath away.IMG_0051 This is a panorama, you can click to enlarge it.IMG_0052 IMG_0054_2 IMG_0055_2If you visit Savannah, take the time to walk inside this Holy place. You will be so blessed by it.

Here I am in Madison Square (I think). They start to run together.IMG_0049From there, we headed toward our lunch choice, The Six Pence Pub.IMG_0056_2 We sat at the bar, Rob got a beer poured on top of another beer and I got a Moscow Mule served in a rinky dink glass. Bars, please invest in some nice copper mugs. Or some cheap mugs made to look like Copper mugs, I won’t know the difference, but I can tell the difference between a glass tumbler and a copperish one.IMG_8124 The food was wonderful though! Rob ordered bangers and mash, which he says is the best he’s ever had, and I ordered a Salad Trio (Chicken, Tuna and Shrimp served with Cottage Cheese). Hit the spot!IMG_8125After lunch, we were very near to a house that came highly recommended we tour called the Green-Meldrim House. It was ten bucks a person (cash only) but the tour was worth it. It is the house Sherman occupied while in Savannah and it was eerily amazing to stand in the rooms and look into the mirrors that he and lots and lots of other people stood and looked into as well. There was a downstairs guide and an upstairs guide who were very knowledgable and passionate about the house and its history. You were able to walk into each room, touch things and get up close and personal with all of it. A very interesting house to walk through. There was no photography allowed inside, but here is the exterior of the front entrance.IMG_8127This evening we did probably my favorite thing on our trip so far, and that was get to see some of our oldest most closest friends who live only half an hour from Savannah in Bluffton, SC. We went to the Deagan’s house!!!
The last time we spent time with Phil, Meghan, and their daughter Turner was Auburn A Day of 2013. That is too long! Now, Turner is almost 3, and they even have a brand new 3 month old daughter named Sawyer which I was so happy to get to finally meet! “Happy Baby” doesn’t really begin to describe her. She cooed and smiled the entire night!IMG_0070It was amazing to be in their home, spending time together like we did in college. Phil and Rob have been close since 2006, were best men in each other’s weddings, and have remained good friends even after we moved to Huntsville, AL and they relocated to Bluffton a few years ago. I wish I knew the number of nights we spent over at Phil and Meghan’s house in Auburn, eating their food and drinking Phil’s beer, all without an IOU when we were broke college kids. Felt good to do that again tonight minus the broke part. We stayed for dinner which was Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Slaw and good drinks. Definitely our kind of party.IMG_8132IMG_8134Their goofy dogs kept laying their heads in my lap. I am disappointed to say I did not get a picture with their daughter Turner before she went to bed 😦 She is almost all grown up. But we did manage to get this of us which I am thankful for! Some friendships just last.IMG_0071We even opened up that Madeira!! It’s decent! Not sure I would buy any again, and it’s a little hard to describe (maybe like a figgy prune liquor) LOL. So, I left it with Meghan who seemed to actually like it. Cheers Meghan!!IMG_8137I wish we had more opportunity to spend time with these good friends we have been blessed to know for so many years, but I am so happy that we at least had tonight. Until next time, Deagans! We sure do love ya.


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