Memorial Day Weekend


I guess the normal posting delay is going to be about a week now. I had every intention and desire of blogging about our awesome Memorial Day weekend just after it came to a close because it was fresh on my mind but the week got away from me and now I’m sitting here digging through my mind for all of the details that made it so lovely. Thank goodness for a picture trail! In my defense, however, this week was insane! Not only did I use every free moment studying for the PHR exam (I PASSED!!), but I crossfitted nearly every night.So, this week contained even less free time than normal. Happy to say though that I can breathe easy and relax since as of 3:00PM yesterday afternoon, I can officially put PHR behind my name! 6 months of studying pays off.IMG_6221

But, this post is about LAST weekend, so I’ll back up.

Last weekend was a long holiday weekend filled with endless sunshine and many adult beverages. I had put my foot down and finally demanded that I have an opportunity to finally get around to planting some hanging flower baskets, so come Sunday, that’s what we did! Rob’s parents had come up Saturday to see us and visit which was nice, so Sunday we got up and got to work outside starting at about 10:30 and did not stop working until about 7pm! The property looks great though, and there is still more to go! Always something more to do with a lot as big as ours.

I had started out with 4 baskets but actually wound up having enough to make a 5th! I also added a 2nd hummingbird feeder to my collection but still haven’t seen a hummingbird yet 😦

IMG_6194 IMG_6201 IMG_6197 IMG_6198 IMG_6199 IMG_6202

The dogs were also pleased to spend a lot of time outside that day and enjoyed a cool bath opportunity.

IMG_6210 IMG_6209

They are rotten I tell you.

Look at my newest inside plant friends. I found these two open owls at a local greenery shop and had to have them (okay, I have to have every owl thing I see) but these were on sale and super cute! So I found some tiny little plants to plant inside them and now they sit on our entry way table!


Rob and I made several delicious meals over the weekend.


I recycled some cut evergreen cedar branches from the backyard to make a pretty arrangement for the table.


And we also spent a lot of time out on the back porch with the tiki torches lit talking about life. We have a great one.


This morning we both went and worked out (PRed my Squat Clean at 130!) and then went to a local “Beast of the Valley” competition where a lot of folks from CFHSV were there representing!! I love watching my friends do big things and enjoy being athletic. Maybe one day soon I will sign up and do it with them.

Looking forward to this coming week as we will celebrate Rob’s 28th birthday on Tuesday! I already gave him one of his gifts today (weight belt) and I’m wondering when I will give him the others- I don’t see myself waiting until Tuesday.

As for the rest of the weekend, I can tell you one thing I WON’T be doing..and that’s Studying! Hip Hip Hooray! The sun is out, the day is young…aannnndddd Rob is asleep on the couch.

Cheers to a happy weekend you all!


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