28 Birthday Blessings

It’s cool having birthdays. I’ve always loved making a big deal about them because it’s a gift not given to everyone; getting to turn a year older. So I’ve always had beef with people that go out of their way to not acknowledge their own birthday and celebrate it accordingly. Tell people! It truly is a blessing.

With that being said, this year my 28th birthday was super low key 😛 But! That is just how I wanted it. The last several weekends had been almost non-existent with how much Rob and I cram into them. We practically race the clock until Sunday evening when we eventually look at each other in disbelief and say, “Is Monday really in 2 hours? But I just sat down!!” So when Rob asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday weekend, I simply said “Relax!”. So, we did just that.

Friday night Rob came home from work with lots of flowers, wine and a Happy Birthday balloon and a big smile. Already the weekend was starting perfectly! (FYI everyone needs a balloon on their birthday).

IMG_6157 IMG_6158 IMG_6159 IMG_6160 IMG_6161 IMG_6174

We had originally intended to go out to the downtown Food Truck Rally but I had just come in from a work trip and was fairly exhausted and hungry. So we thought we would drive down and take a gander and drive off if the crowd was too large. That’s exactly what happened. While I hated to abandon our original idea for Friday night Food Truck adventures, I desperately wanted to eat. So we went to a great Plan B- Below the Radar. The downtown bar and eatery that really does it right. It was wonderful! I had a beer and a BLT and experienced no guilt (eventually, the guilt comes later in the weekend; stay tuned). A few friends joined us (Below the Radar is the kind of place where you will undoubtedly run into someone you know there) and we had a truly great time. So Birthday weekend begins with a strong start!

Saturday we woke up and made breakfast fairly early and headed to Crossfit together for the 10am WOD. It was brutal. And to make things even more brutal I decided to get in two workouts that day and I stayed for the BBOLC class which is my 2 hour Olympic lifting class. Phew! I was totally wiped when that ended. I did manage to PR my OHS at 115 (I had 120 but wasn’t able to get full depth and came out of the bottom all janky so I won’t count it).

After I got back from BBOLC I spent the rest of the afternoon in recovery mode on the couch. It took several hours before I felt capable of walking. I made dinner for Rob and I and we just enjoyed eachother’s company. We even managed to stay up late enough to watch SNL live (which rarely happens).

Sunday is Happy Birthday! I woke up to coffee and cards from Rob and the dogs. My gift from Rob is a custom pair of Reebok Lifters which I was able to design and order about a week ago and now must wait until they get here. I cannot WAIT. But, I will have to 😦 I will post pictures when they get here! Really, I am stoked about them. I am the only athlete in BBOLC without lifting shoes. First world struggle.

Sunday we woke up and went to a local place for breakfast; Sandwhich Farm. They are amazing and this trip didn’t disappoint. I got pork Eggs Benedict and coffee and nearly ate every bite. I had the waitress take our picture but it came out terrible 😦 Oh well! It rained almost the entire day so I wasn’t able to do any outside stuff like I had wanted to (like plant flowers) but we made the best of it. We went downtown and checked out the new Belle Chevre cheese shop and bought some goat cheese. Ah, goat cheese, spoonfuls of Heaven. Late in the afternoon we were still full from breakfast but wound up dropping into Below the Radar again for a beer which turned into a beer and Bread Pudding (this is the regret part). My! It was wonderful, and was my version of a birthday cake.

Birthday evening was spent making a home made lasagna (even the spinach pasta was made fresh by yours truly!).

IMG_6168 IMG_6170 IMG_6173 IMG_6175

I was even lucky enough to have a visit from my BFF Margaret who brought me a tiny cactus and a birthday card (and an awesome CFHSV membership upgrade for a month!).

My friend Kim bought me a tomato plant! It doesn’t have any fruit on it yet but I am eagerly anticipating the day I see the first bud. I have very thoughtful friends.

More birthday blessings:


Margaret gave me this lotion from a local farm and it is the most delicious smelling lotions I’ve ever encountered. It takes huge amounts of inner strength not to attempt to eat it.



Reflecting on all of the wonderful people I know that wished me a happy day on facebook or through text, and feeling very thankful for all of the good that surrounds me daily. I am so happy that I’ve turned 28 and look forward to see what I have to say for myself at 29.

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