Friday Eve

Good Morning!

I’m feeling particularly spritely today, it must have something to do with the very cold weather and the promise of a sunny long 3 day weekend.

Last night Rob and I spent the night at home, cooking and watching Top Gear. I have grown to really love and anticipate our full nights in. Usually, one or both of us is Crosfitting immediately after work, so we get home late, and before you know it, it’s 9 o’clock by the time dinner is finished, kitchen cleaned, and I’ve only just sat down on the couch. Rob joked last night that we only build fires for the cat, because he’s the only one who enjoys them for long periods (since we are always in the kitchen!). Lucky Cat.

Anywho, one of the new Pro Source ropes came in! Rob’s awesome blue one. I think mine should be here in a day or two..for whatever reason the gray color didn’t qualify for Amazon Prime. What up with that!?

photo 3

Already I can tell the ProSource rope is superior to the “Again Faster Equipment” rope I was using. Nothing against Again Faster ropes, should anyone affiliated with them be reading this blog, but this rope feels infinately better. Plus, the coating on the rope itself is pliable and softer, so it straightens out immediately from being coiled up, unlike my previous rope. It was janky. Also, it’s adjustable on both ends of the rope, the other one, only on one end, and this appears to be totally adjustable by hand. Score! I’m eager to get to workin’ on my vertical.

Last night we continued our quest through the Well Fed book. We are running low on rations, so I decided to make a hot plate! Basically, grab a protein, some spices and a veggie and create something hot and tasty. I used the book for a “french” inspired hotplate and made this:

Bon Appetite!
Bon Appetite!
French Chicken with House Dipping Sauce
French Chicken with House Dipping Sauce

I seared chicken breasts with a coating of Dijon mustard, Lemon Pepper and Red Pepper in some olive oil and prepared some Fresh Green beans with Red Bell Pepper alongside it. My friend Margaret made some Whole 30 approved mayo from the book as well, gave me a jar, so I used a little of that mixed with Sriracha and Dijon mustard and spices to create a house dipping sauce. It came out great! The green beans come from my other favorite cook, The Pioneer Woman! Check out her website, and get lost in its splendor and giveaways. I think she has cooked everything there is to cook and posted ridiculous pictures of her recipes that make you want to eat for a living.

Speaking of Margaret, she surprised me with Well Fed 2!


I can’t even. Thank you Margaret! She is such a thoughtful friend!

In other news, Registration is now Open for the Crossfit Open Games! While I know I have no chance of really performing well in comparison to other athletes, I still plan to register and complete the workouts with my box, so I am looking forward to that! The first Open Workout will be released Thursday 02/27/2014- so get ready! And if you are a crosfitter, no matter what stage you’re at, you should definitely register and join the other athletes in your box in completing the workouts! Not only does it build strength, but confidence and camaraderie with your friends too. Get after it!

I decided I don’t dig the title of my blog…I’d like you to help me think of something more creative. So, feel free to do that, I’ll wait here. In the meantime, I changed it to something that literally came to me in an instant, as a more acceptable placeholder.

And if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like from my perspective to roll out sore muscles in my living room…


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