It’s Finally Fall Y’all!

Somedays I wonder if I will ever blog about something that doesn’t involve EJ; still not sure of the answer to this. How do poets write without a muse?

We’re beginning to grow into my favorite time of year; the final three months of the twelve month calendar are by far the most wonderful to me 🙂 The weather has finally crisped and chilled and we are headed toward the Holidays. Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, I really just wanted to push pause and relish in this amazing season, in more ways than one. Having a sweet daughter along for the ride is making things that much more fun.

Ellie turned 5 months old this month; it’s truly hard to believe because (as most in my position have said) so much of the past is a blur and I feel like time is only going faster now. The time we are in now is so magical; we are out of the dark ages of newborn days, we’ve rounded the corner of the fourth trimester and now we have a totally energetic, engaging and delicious baby girl who makes our days so fun and new. I remember the weekend before we had her, we were celebrating with our friends; my friend Mac made a comment that didn’t really mean much to me at the time, but that I understand so perfectly now. He said “having kids is getting to relive and relearn everything all over again, for the very first time. You’ll see the magic and wonder in every little thing.” It is oh so true. Before being a parent, so much of my life was muted, only I just didn’t know it.

The month of October was a big one so far for our family! Ellie slept through the night two nights in a row at the very beginning of the month, but then we took a trip to Atlanta that weekend, and it disrupted whatever sleep fairy dust she had rolled in. So we are back to figuring out how to sleep through the night again, but our tip to Atlanta was a lot of fun! She got to meet her extended family on Rob’s side, and she was a delight to everyone; and so spoiled! We had a good time that weekend. ( one day I’m sure we will all sleep again). This Stud Muffin started a new job. Proud of him in every way!

We figured out we love the wind.

Also this month, my mother moved to Alabama! I joke that I’ve been here for 12 years now, but all it took was having a grandbaby and she packed her bags and headed east as quickly as she could manage! We are all really happy she is here, and I’m truly thankful that EJ will grow up knowing her Grammy so well. It’s a piece of the family tree that I never had growing up, and it’s really great having her so close now. She is helping me transition back into my job during the day, while getting to spend time with her grand daughter. I think that’s really special and I’m looking forward to seeing the bond that emerges between them.

Ellie’s first Halloween! She is an owl. I wonder if she will grow to love birds of prey as much as her Mama. She went to a Halloween party to celebrate! We were home by 6:50 pm 😀

Right now, Ellie is a truly happy baby. She just entered her 5th mental development leap (relationships) and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more she will soon discover about herself and the things around her (last week for the first time she put her foot in her mouth). She is aware of so much now, and sometimes she acts like such a big child that it startles me. (for someone who can’t yet move around or say words, she sure does make some grown up facial expressions and mannerisms!) She is teething, though nothing has popped through, and she has mastered rolling from tummy to back but hasn’t totally been able to transition from back to tummy; she’s getting soooo close though. She delights in petting animals and loves taking baths. My girl.

Of course, no first fall is complete without a visit to a pumpkin patch! We took advantage of a perfect fall Sunday and visited Lyon Farms. What an event! I’m looking forward to making this a tradition with her over the years, but today she was content just to be toted around and take it all in.

I love baby wearing! I will wear her close to me as long as she will allow it. Plus, this enabled me to eat lots of kettle corn while still caring for the child. (#winning).

Ellie met her first horse!! I wonder if she will take after her grandmother and mom in that regard one day.  

Rob did something very typical of attending a fall festival- he got something that was deep fried that should never be deep fried (it was a Snickers bar). I’m posting this simply so that someone can photoshop this however they want.

Our language really lacks the medium to embody what being a Mother is. It’s so many things; it’s Heaviness. A weight that you can’t take off. It’s the best new world. And it’s the deepest water I’ve sailed across. It’s an astounding responsibility, but I am eager to continue earning the chance to live it. Some nights Rob and I just look at her and say “Can you really believe she’s here?” It’s unbelievable!

I am in awe that I have been able to be home with her this long, that my job has been so accommodating with flexibility. I know that this season is narrowing, and we will soon transition into a new routine, but I will never forget all of the days we spent together these last 5 months. The long, bright days that seemed to linger on, and the sleepy nights that felt like Groundhog Day. All of these bursts of light and life, strung together and wrapped around our little family tree, illuminating and warm. I’ll cherish them always.

Ellie, you make up the best parts now. Let’s take the next two months niiiicceee and sllllooowwwww.

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