Do Monsters go to Heaven?

Do monsters go to Heaven? I’ve considered time to time,

When their monster days are over, and they’re no longer in their prime.

When their days of causing chaos are closing to an end,

Do monsters go to Heaven to be with other Monster friends?


Many years ago this summer, 14 to be precise,

I found a furry monster, but back then she was quite nice.

A kitten from the start, a wildabeast she became

It only seemed to fit that “Claws” became her name.


Blacker than the dead of night and meaner than a snake

She prowled the course of our backyard, a friend she did not make.

She’d lay beneath the golden sun, and flick her tail away

She’d even purr as you walked by, a trap that she would lay!


Oh how I tried to be her friend, and win her trust for good

But I didn’t have the magic touch, or do what Robert could.

He spoke her monster language, he tamed her wicked heart,

She grew to love him more and more; she couldn’t be apart.


So one day she gave up prowling, her reign of terror done,

She moved inside to have a bed, no longer in the sun.

She sprawled over the carpets, she climbed up in the bed,

She would even crawl onto your chest, and gently lay her head.


But today she came up to me, with something on her mind,

she told me she was tired, and that it was “her time”

I stroked her fuzzy head and just listened as she talked,

And then we went together, to make our final walk.


Do monsters go to Heaven? I surely hope they do,

Despite their monster-qualities, they are tender-hearted too.

And when they finally say goodbye, they’ll leave a monster hole,

But the shadow left behind them, is their Angel soul.


Dedicated to Salem “Claws”

Spring 2003- February 24, 2017



She derived joy in very little, but funny haircuts was one.

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