The Blank Passport Chronicles, Episode 1

Here we are, packed and ready to depart on our trip of a lifetime. I say that because, we’ve never been on anything remotely like this before, and no one knows what the days ahead hold. So for us, we are treating this like a once in a lifetime trip. It’s been many months in the making, and even longer in the saving. But here we are, and I can hardly wait to get going!

For those of you who want to follow us on our journey, I will be doing my best to blog at the end of each of our days. Mainly, I want to capture everything down while it is still fresh in our minds. We will be gone for 12 days and embarking on new and different adventures each day, so making time in the evenings to document everything and post pictures will be a good thing for me. I hope you enjoy following us around. Here is a rough overview of what our next two weeks will look like.

Tomorrow (Saturday), we fly from Huntsville to Chicago. We’ve never been to this city, and we’re really excited it is the starting point for our journey! We get almost two full days here to explore and eat. Mainly eat. Lord have mercy, we will eat. I’m bringing a lot of stretchy clothes (Dani’s travel tip Number 1!). Sunday evening, we fly from Chicago to Reykjavik, Iceland for three days. Three days of peaceful, quite, serene beauty.

From Iceland we fly to London, where we will meet up with our dear friend Lisa whose family is now stationed there for a few years! After three days in London, off we go to Southhampton, England where we board the Independence of the Seas via Royal Caribbean for a three night cruise to Bruges, Belgium and Paris, France.

Never have we been away from work this long, deleted our work email from our phone this long, been away from the animals this long, or even been out of the country. Go big or go home, right? And home isn’t for another 12 days. 🙂

Bon Voyage! See you in Chicago!

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