And then, Three Decades Had Passed

On Wednesday, I had the great privilege of turning 30 years old. Even as I type it, it reads oddly to me. 30, when looking back on everything, represents a pretty pivotal point in my life (in everyone’s life?). I am definitely no longer growing up (not truly) and I am no longer young (I get that perspective is everything here, but humor me). I am absolutely in the middle of adulthood. And while I was all of these things at 29, becoming 30 just seems more profound. I think about what it would feel like one day to watch a child grow and reach 30, and my mind cannot fathom how wild and unbelievable that would feel.

I’ve said it before, but birthdays are a big deal to me. They deserve to be celebrated because it’s an honor not given to everyone, to turn another year older. So I’ve always loved my own birthday, and I’ve always loved celebrating others. May 18th will always sound so special to me  🙂

This week, I had a work engagement that would keep me out of town both Tuesday and Wednesday. The good news here is that my travels took me to Birmingham, where my very dear friend Margaret lives 🙂 I haven’t seen her or her beautiful son since he was about 2 weeks old, so I couldn’t wait to get down there and spend some time with them.

So for reference, here is Patrick and I the day we met.IMG_8700

And here we are now (somehow I am wearing a different but nearly identical striped shirt).IMG_0120

Oh my word I can’t describe how much I love this little boy. He melts my heart! I took so many pictures of him but will only post a few since he isn’t my kid and I’m sure there some kind of human copyright issue here. 😀IMG_0131 IMG_0136 IMG_0143 It was so amazing to spend time with my wonderful friend in her beautiful home with her beautiful kiddo. I was so spoiled! She made a big deal of celebrating my birthday and I loved every moment. Thank you SO much my sweet friend! IMG_0151 IMG_0158

Fun fact (we ate half of the cake in one sitting).

The next morning she woke up early and fed me breakfast and we said goodbye as I had to get to my work conference. Just a piece of advice: don’t schedule work conferences when it’s your birthday. I thought it wouldn’t bother me much but it was actually pretty miserable! While I enjoyed the opportunity, I just felt homesick and wanted to be back in my element with my family. So as soon as I could, I busted out and hit the road and made it home around 4:30 that afternoon. I came home to a very smiley husband, lots of cards and flowers. IMG_0166

Rob included an incredibly beautiful letter inside his card, but then when I turned the card over there was a little clue taped to the back of it. Turns out, Rob’s planned a scavenger hunt for me! This would be my first official scavenger hunt. It took me all over the house, through the garage, into the back yard and every clue either led to another clue or a hidden present! All in all, it led me to a new butcher block, a gift card to our massage place (plus an appointment!), a gift card to Lululemon, and a new pair of Nike metcons!IMG_0159 IMG_0160 He also brought home a little cupcake that we shared, and I got to make a birthday wish!IMG_0163

This week has really been blissful. Rob wanted to take me to dinner tonight somewhere “special”, but instead I suggested we stay in and just do what we always do, that we love so much (cook together!). All the extras will never mean as much to me as the time actually spent with each other.

I look back 10 years ago to when I turned 20 and feel so fortunate that Rob and I were together for that day too. Long ago I told him that it didn’t matter where life took us, that I would live in a cardboard box with him and still call myself lucky. Oh my goodness I smile so big looking back at pictures like this. The day I turned 20 (Rob was still only 19 here!), and I thought we had really finally made it.


If I only I knew then how God was teeing up the next ten…

OIMG_0052 IMG_0068

Thank you to every friend who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday. You make me feel so blessed to see another year unfold.

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