What’s saving your life right now?

I got this idea from another blog I follow, and I’ve been chewing on it for a few weeks now. I think all of us know what’s killing us during any given day. We know where our struggles are, what’s keeping us down and out. What we wish were different and what our frustrations are. For us this year already, it feels like we’ve been spending money like it’s going out of style! Jackson, our border collie, had a major surgery early this week. He’s okay (he has some healing up to do!) thanks to his wonderful vet Dr. Grider 🙂 but good care comes at a price! Claws, one of our cats, also has some ongoing issues requiring some frequent visits. And while I don’t miss the money spent on them because I know how much their quality of life will improve, it comes closely after spending a big heap fixing up my X5 and our jeep all in the same month, and we had roof repair done this week. 🙂 And while it’s going to be there from time to time (our thorns), and while it’s important we know how to grind through those efforts in the right frame of spirit, it just as important to focus on the things saving us in those moments. That’s our life boat! Our daily bread. Can I get a good shout out for what’s keeping you alive?


And no, it certainly doesn’t need to be some incredible revelation. Those are wonderful and life changing, but not a daily bread. I want to look around and focus my lens on the ordinary wonderful. So, in no particular order, this is what has been keeping me alive this year.

  • Yesterday, on our trip to Costco, we had a fun impromptu purchase!IMG_9561Isn’t that so cute? 20 bucks! Before, we had several mis-matched bowls squished into that corner holding all of what you see. These little stacking baskets also come with hanging name plates, where you can write in chalk whatever you want. We have no chalk, and no desire to label it really. I know how to identify apples vs. onions. However, they do say if you plugged your nose up and closed your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in an apple vs. an onion if you bit into it.
  • Lately, Rob and I have been really intentional about dating. We hang out constantly, and do everything together, but we’ve been carving out specific time to date each other even amongst our daily interactions. Last week we went to Yellowhammer together during the week to grab a beer and some pizza, and this week we went wine tasting at a local wine shop! IMG_9548

Yesterday we ate frozen yogurt for lunch after our errands, and then went out to one of our FAVORITE places in Huntsville to eat some Indian food at dinner. Yes, all of that was for just us. 😀IMG_9559 I love that we enjoy the same things and I want to always work to make that one of our grounding rods.

  • Every first Wednesday of the Month, Highlands offers a service. And while I’ve never attended a first Wednesday service, I decided to watch this month’s online (they throw all of their messages up on their site). It was a guest pastor, John Gray, with the message “No Words Needed”. I watched it this week and some of it’s really clung to me. Two phrases really stick out among many, but I’ll share just these two.
  1. Some folks won’t read this book (points to Bible) but they will read your life.
  2. The church is not a museum for the spiritual elite. It’s a hospital for the broken!

If you have the time, you can watch it here. It’s hilarious and thought provoking, and has made me turn inward and reflect. I want there to be less of me, so that there can be more of _______. God, Love, People, Forgiveness, Hope, Mercy, JOY, Laughter,…the list goes on.  This morning, some friends from our gym joined us at church which was so fun. I’ve kind of always thought of Crossfit as my small group because of how much like family we all are. And I have a few very close friends there who grow me spiritually, so I find a lot of substance there on many levels. But it was so awesome to get to spend time with these friends, and share with them the culture that is Highlands. It’s a beautiful day today.

  • These two albums! Jasmine Thompson has been what’s playing for me lately. It’s all cover songs, but she turns them into the most angelic, beautiful songs all her own. So good!

51KLWID3cJL._SL500_AA280_ download

  • And the last thing saving me right now, is planning the vacation Rob and I plan to take together this year. We’ve intentionally been setting aside money, and so far, we don’t even know where we want to go! But it’s been so fun to spend time browsing our options and thinking about what that will be like. Rob doesn’t even have a passport! He needs to get on that. I have mine, but it’s empty. There are SO many places we really want to experience, that we don’t even know exactly where we want to start. Maybe we’ll just throw all of our ideas into a hat and draw. I’ve been shopping cruises, European trips, Caribbean stays, you name it. I really don’t know, but it’s a fun problem to have 🙂

So, what’s saving your life right now? I want to celebrate that with you! In the same hand, what’s killing you? Let me pray with you for it.

And if you have experienced any amazing vacations, feel free to share those too! We will bring you back a surprise 😀



  1. My favorite vacation ever was Iceland. Ah-may-zing! Please don’t take a European vacation before I get there. We’d truly love to have you both visit us. We already have a house and it has a guest room with it’s own bathroom. Wonderful post; your positivity feeds my soul. Hugs, my friend!

    1. Iceland! Believe it or not we have been looking into Iceland! We have other friends who have gone there and loved it. Okay, I will wait on Europe. Only cause I miss you so much!!!

  2. Hi beautiful niece–your great mom shared your blog link, and it brought tears of joy when I read it. I won’t get too sloppy– just know that Gary and I are so proud of who you are.
    I’m going to share the blog with him later
    Love you so much
    Aunt Suzie

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