Thanksgiving 2015- Dani Decorates a Turkey, Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

This morning I woke up at normal time even though I didn’t go in to work. Rob had to work today, so I got up with him and immediately started food prep for tomorrow. Not only am I roasting the turkey, but I am providing:

Sausage and Cornbread Dressing

Pecan Pie (it is paleo but I added whiskey 😀 )

2 home made loaves of bread (one regular white and one berry/nut)

Deviled eggs

Mimosas (being an adult is fun!)

So! I started by making the bread doughs and the cornbread then moved onto the pecan pie. All of that was done by about 9am. I ran some errands, worked out, then came home for my date with the bird.

So, to begin, I used the same site that I found the dry brine instructions at for the roast turkey instructions. Here! Straightforward and easy. I did go a little rogue at the last minute though and added some stock and fresh parsley to the bottom of the roasting pan. I used a stone as they recommended plus a steel pan and the V shaped rack.


Can you tell we’ve made a lot of pizza on that thing? Love pizza. Then, I decided to rub the bird with butter. Something about that seems right. The instructions didn’t call for it, but I did. So I rubbed him down with Kerrygold.

IMG_9278 IMG_9279

I probably only used about 1/4 cup all together. Then I poured some stock and fresh parsley in the bottom of the roasting pan and covered it with a foil tent (also not prescribed). But I did some reading of other recipes and I plan to keep it covered 2 hours and then roast uncovered until done.

IMG_9280 IMG_9281

As you can imagine, I spilled the stock out of the side of the pan as I was leaning in to place the bird in the oven. So, we’re off to a great start. I also wanted to try and baste the bird with the drippings in the pan every hour or so however I have no baster. Feeling strong, folks!

After two hours:I spooned some liquid stock on the body a few times (about as good as I can do right now). Lifting Charles in and out of a hot oven is no joke. Thank God for crossfit.

IMG_9289Seriously, grandmas couldn’t do this. Unless your Memaw has perfect lower lumbar flexibility and very stable core strength, she is not getting a turkey in and out of the oven. Or if she is, I want to be her friend.IMG_9292Mr. Latham looking mighty fine.

Charles cooked for just under 4 hours. Instant read thermometer puts him at between 170-185 all the way around and he looks plump and very tan.

IMG_9293 IMG_9294

Rob has already called dibs on both turkey legs so good luck to anyone else hoping for one of those. We nibbled on some very discrete parts that aren’t noticeable so the presentation isn’t ruined. 🙂 No Bumpuses to worry about here!  (for reference Bumpusesssss!!!) And it tasted amazing! I am genuinely so happy to be able to provide this to our family tomorrow. Here are some other fun pictures of what I made today (deviled eggs not pictured).

IMG_9274 IMG_9282 Seriously gravy cannot be photographed well. It might as well be a pot of dirt soup. IMG_9283Haven’t baked this dish yet- just got it ready for baking tomorrow! Love love love dressing.IMG_9285And after all of that, there’s this:IMG_9290

So concludes my adventure with a Thanksgiving turkey. It was not difficult in the least, just took some time and love but I have all of that to give away anyway.

If you’re reading this, I sure am thankful for you. Keeping loving one another- it goes so much further than you think.



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