Summer Lovin

It has been one hot minute since my last update. I will emphasize the word hot. Summer has been in full swing but it’s never been sweeter! Here is a glimpse of what life has been worth lately (in no particular order). Okay, maybe a little chronological order going on.

We’ve gone swimming!


And been on a boat!IMG_8325We’ve spent time with the people that mean the most to us.IMG_8397IMG_8401IMG_8366IMG_8423IMG_8290We’ve worked out a lot!IMG_8437 IMG_8496IMG_848511755668_10103137714067721_1453778798725990909_n

My Mom came to visit!IMG_8460 IMG_8467 IMG_8474

Her visit was really wonderful! We took a day trip to Chattanooga, TN to visit the aquarium and drove around to see some of her childhood houses. While she was only here for the weekend, we ate great food, drank great beer and laughed a lot. Despite how hard it is living so far apart, I feel like we make the best of it. Maybe one day the gap will narrow, but for now, we are enjoying the times we get to be in each other’s company.


Next weekend, Rob and I have our first “competition” in Birmingham; Mayhem on the Mountain. We are taking a team of 4, and it will be an all day event outside on Sunday consisting of four workouts. Besides the two of us, our team is made up of our beast friend David:

IMG_8494And our other beast friend Mandy:

IMG_4733 (1)

Yeah, they’re pretty awesome. 🙂  Our team name is called “Beers and Barebells” (priorities in that order). Should be a ton of fun!

Friday and Saturday of this weekend felt surprisingly a little like fall. It was still hot, but there was this wonderful breeze that made me yearn for the months that lay ahead of us. Football, breezy sunny days, and falling leaves are only around the corner; really is amazing how quickly this year has rolled right on through. Also coming up a few weeks after our competition is our annual BRG trip to the mountains. So, lots to look forward to this month and hopefully lots of good blogging material.

Until then!



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