Welcome to Savannah!

Greetings from Savannah, GA! We arrived at about 4:30 pm local time today, did some exploring, and are now back in our room, and I feel I have just enough time to get this post written before I fall asleep. It’s been a busy day!

We loaded up this morning and hit the road at 7am. It went as well as any road trip can go 🙂 The dogs travel really well and I try hard not to doze off in the passenger seat. Sometimes I don’t do so well.

We specifically planned to stop in Macon, GA for lunch and Rob chose a spot called the Rookery, which was right off the highway and offered outdoor seating so we could sit with the dogs.


There was quite a crowd considering it was Sunday brunch, and Mother’s Day, but we were sat outside after only a short wait. Our waitress came right out with water for the dogs, which was so sweet! Sam is a nervous drinker, and continually drained his bowl each time it was filled. They received lots of walk up attention and I was so proud how well they handled it. Sam can sometimes be a little TOO excitable and I always encourage kids to pet Jackson instead, but a friendly little boy came right up to him and to my surprise, Sam was perfectly gentle and sweet. Made me smile!

IMG_8090 IMG_8091


Rob and I each ordered a burger and a beer and sat back and enjoyed the beautiful weather. There was a slight breeze and it wasn’t too warm in the shade.

IMG_8070 IMG_8092 IMG_8071


After a long lunch, we hit the road again and arrived in Savannah about 2.5 hours later. We are staying at a historic B&B called the Catherine Ward House Inn. We were greeted very cheerfully by the Inn Keepers and made to feel right at home. We unpacked, and spent a few minutes settling into our home for the next few days.

IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8075 IMG_8076


It’s really pretty incredibly that this historic Bed and Breakfast is pet friendly in a few rooms. The coolest part about our particular room is the Private gated front porch that we have to ourselves. Makes it very convenient to scoot the dogs in and out.

IMG_8083 IMG_8084The picture above shows our private street access from our room and porch. That’s the door to our room!

After a quick rest, we immediately set out to walk around Forsyth Park.

IMG_8078 IMG_8080The spanish moss is magical looking and I was so excited to finally see it all in person.

We walked around the large park and sat down on a bench to consult a map and I realized we were only one block from the Mercer House. I recently finished reading “In the Garden of Good and Evil” which, if you are familiar with the book or film, you’ll know is the non-fictional account of a murder committed by Jim Williams who lived in Mercer House in the early 80s. I really enjoyed the book, the movie was not that great, but I wanted to see the house in person so we walked over to see it from the street.


It’s beautiful. They give tours of it daily but I’ve read that the reviews of the tour are mediocre and don’t talk about any of the interesting history surrounding the murder or the people involved. So, my curiosities were mostly satisfied just seeing from the street.

We walked back, dropped the dogs off, and then set out toward River Street in search of adult drinks and food. My BF Kim told me about a placed called Wet Willies which serves frozen alcoholic drinks on River Street. That was our first stop! They don’t look like anything special, but it was delicious! It felt great to drink something cold and sit out on the River walk and watch the people and ferries and river boats. The place is crawling with activity.

IMG_8086 IMG_8087


For dinner, we chose a place called “The Chart House” which turned out to be incredible. We shared a kale and butternut squash salad that is now my most favorite salad ever, and then I got a shrimp tour dish and Rob ordered Mahi with mashed purple sweet potatoes. I highly recommend this place! A beautiful culinary flare with open/outdoor seating to enjoy the gorgeous view of the River at sunset. There are dozens of places down here to choose from, and this place was priced on the higher side, but the quality of the food made it worth it.

IMG_8089 IMG_8088


Tomorrow we are planning to tour the city on foot and trolley, and maybe even ride a ferry. The ferry ride, of course, will require a large Wet Willie’s drink though. 🙂

Until tomorrow!




  1. Yay! I’m glad your doggies get to experience your vacation with you. A “nervous drinker” explains most of the people I met in college. Love you!

  2. This trip sounds awesome. You and my grandfather, who worked with Dr. Von Braun, have similar writing styles. Keep up the great story telling!

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