Murphy’s Law: Automobile Edition

This morning was a domino presentation of Murphy’s Law for Rob and I. I reflected on the humor of it all day, and wanted to share it here. I’ll give you a run down!

My car, the X5, has been down for about a week because the upper radiator hose decided to start dribbling. So we had to order the part and have been waiting for that to deliver. In the meantime, I’ve been driving Rob’s car, the 335, and he’s been driving the Jeep. Even though the Jeep is MINE, he’s been taking it every day since the heater in it isn’t working as well as it should and it’s been very cold this week! What a sweet man.

So this morning, Rob got in the jeep and I in the 335 and he took off. I only got half way down the the street before the TPMS told me one of the tires was low. So I called Rob to ask if he wanted me to turn around to air it up or continue driving (as often tire pressure can read low on a particularly cold morning and visual inspection looked normal) and he said to turn back and he would turn around to help me. This morning it was about 30 degrees and fairly windy.

So I gauge check all of the tires- they are all below normal. Rob pulls in and hops out and fires up the air compressor and begins to make his rounds airing up each tire. We get to the final one, the one that threw the TPMS sensor, and the valve stem is leaking, and no amount of jimmying careful massaging will get it to snag just right to quit spewing out air. So, we decide that I will take the blue car instead since the 335 wanted to act high maintenance.

The blue car also has a low tire. Rob begins to make his way around each, lovingly filling them up one by one as I stand there with my hands in my coat pockets, rocking back and forth on my feet and shivering. I casually ask him as he’s half way through airing up the tires “Should I go get the key and start warming it up?” “Nah, just wait”.

So he finishes and I run to get the key. I attempt to crank it and the lights flicker, die, and I get that “click click click”. I calmly get out, walk to the drive way where Rob is at the jeep and smile. “Let me guess” he says. “The battery is dead?” “Yep!” (for anyone playing the home game, that makes 3 of our 4 cars, momentarily down for the count! The Jeep continues to idle loyally in the driveway)

So he then pulls the jeep forward enough to reach the blue car which, luckily, is backed into the garage, and he starts hunting for the jumper cables. Ten minutes later, the blue car is alive again, and, since the last 25 minutes have taught us a thing or two, he starts putting air in the Jeep tires, just to be safe. After cleaning everything up he asks, “Do you need anything else?” “Does the blue car have gas?” (I peak inside and see the gas light on). “It does not.” “Okay, follow me to the Shell!”

And thus our morning begins, 30 minutes after it had already begun. While he was pumping gas for me he asked me to go set the clock in the jeep for him. When I got inside, I had to get back out to ask him the time because my watch had stopped! That made him laugh. Like really? What else?! I don’t think my fingers have thawed out all day.

As we said goodbye, I grinned and reminded him that tomorrow is our wedding Anniversary, so at least we had something to look forward to. And then, after turning around to rescue me on this very cold and inconvenient morning, he hugged and kissed me, and he went on his way.

Tonight, I came home to these:


Oh how wonderful it is to have a friend like him. I love you Rob!!!

…Just as I was about to publish this post, I can hear Rob in the kitchen getting the coffee maker ready for the morning. I kid you not, “…Are we out of coffee?”

Happy Anniversary!


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