Fall is in the Air + Sneak is not getting anything for Christmas (and neither are we).


Well, as I sit here on the couch watching football, I am smelling my Fall Scented candles burning and feeling the cool breeze coming in through the windows. This weekend brings the beginning of Fall and the visceral excitement and joy that only the last few months of the year can bring. Pretty soon it will be like…


Sneak has returned home this week after 6 days at the vet, bringing with him more meds than the Dallas Buyer’s Club and a balance on the credit card that I’m not even comfortable sharing on the internet. The things we do for our animals. Our vet is also a very close friend, Dr. Lauren Grider, and I feel so happy and safe with her in charge of our critter’s care. She is wonderful!! (Check out her blog HERE!) Anywho, Sneak continues to improve under home care and continues to also not be phased or interested in our plight to keep him alive and happy. Oh well. He is my little china doll.


So I found out earlier this week that I have a small bulged disc in my lower back (L5 S1). That’s what’s been causing my chronic back pain the last few months. A few weeks ago I took a big step back with my workouts, began chiropractor treatments and then had the MRi to confirm what was going on. The good news is that it’s not severe, and should heal given some time and serious rest. I haven’t picked up any weight off the ground in a few weeks or done anything to really aggravate it so I’ve started to see some improvement. The last few days this week my workouts felt pain free and I was feeling encouraged. Friday night I did some burpees for the first time in awhile and had no back pain. I even managed to squeak out a 75# 20RM OHS.



This morning I may have overdid it in my excitement of feeling better, which is really just the worst part of dealing with a slow healing injury. We were working on heavy 2RM touch and go power cleans. I hadn’t picked up weight in awhile so I decided to play with it and see how I felt. I made it to 115 for 2 and stopped immediately due to pain. The WOD was good though, consisting of lots of rope climbs and running. I am getting pretty decent at rope climbs! It was a breezy 60 something degrees this morning so it was actually really enjoyable. But this afternoon my lower back is sore and I am frustrated that I tweaked what was feeling so great this morning. Patience is soooo difficult when what you’re most passionate about is the penalty.

After the WOD we swung by Dunkin Donuts for a Saturday treat. Pumpkin everything!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



Seriously, a pumpkin donut with a warm cup of strong coffee is the medicine for a lot of things. It gave me the boost I needed to get the house cleaned.

The rest of the weekend will revolve around enjoying this beautiful weather, watching football, drinking fall beverages, and being in love.





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