Lisa the Lion Heart



a person of exceptional courage and bravery.
That is exactly who my friend Lisa is to me. An exceptional example of someone who is fearless and immensely strong. It’s hard to describe exactly what happens when you spend enough time around someone with these qualities. I think part of your chemistry changes just a little. It’s infectious, following someone around who is naturally very capable and sure, who is always projecting this onto the others around them. I imagine this is how troops feel about their leaders and why millions of them follow their leaders into battle. It’s that quality that makes Lisa so captivating, and a presence I will miss immeasurably.
Lisa and I met at Crossfit Huntsville, I can’t even remember when. It was just one of those friendships that begins really organically, where you can’t really remember your first or second encounter. All of the beginning stuff is blurry, but it just feels like now, Lisa and I have always been buddies. She is not only a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, but a Mom of two and a wife to one and when she’s not chasing her tweens from place to place, she comes and lays it down at CFHSV, constantly setting the bar higher and higher for the women athletes. I will forever be chasing her.
And now comes the brave part: Being a military family, they are often on the move, and are in the processes of moving to Seoul, South Korea this week. Which means unfortunately for us, she will be leaving Crossfit Huntsville for at least 2 years. I’m sad to have to say farewell to this lovely woman.
IMG_5376 IMG_5699
Lisa is an outstanding athlete. She has a very rare ability to be a very quick, efficient runner, and then match that same level of effort during strength training and metcons. I haven’t found her Achilles heal and I’m fairly certain she just doesn’t have one. She’s painfully frustrating to WOD with, only because she smokes me every single time. When she finishes, she will even come over and cheer you on, which depending on the workout, can be helpful or just plain maddening. I will be physically unable to breathe, trying to finish whatever the WOD is, and here comes Lisa, yelling at me to keep going, and not to give up! I’ve often wanted to yell back “Can’t you see I’m trying to do just that!??! Not everyone can be as crazy good as you!! Just let me die here in peace!”
I remember one day, we had a brutal running WOD, (gross) and Lisa finished so far ahead of me that she came out and ran with me during my last 200 meters! I was huffing at her “Stop! What are you doing out here!? You’re done! Leave me to my misery!” But she trotted alongside me as I finished, spouting her encouragement every step. Who does that?! My Lisa the Lion Heart.
I will miss you so much my dear friend. I am excited at all of the adventures that lie ahead for you and your family, and eagerly look forward to you starting your OWN blog about all of it so I can keep up with everything that’s happening! Remember, some of my favorite things are: Food pictures, Crossfit pictures, food pictures, and dog selfies. Just a suggestion!
Thank you for being a friend to me, it’s truly been my pleasure getting to know you over the last year. Your positive attitude and constant encouragement will truly be missed. But, maybe now that you’re gone, some of us other girls have a chance at a leaderboard spot…:) I love you.

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