Best Week Ever

Well this week went by fast!

Lots has gone on, and in order to keep this post from turning into a marathon novel, I’ll simply post pictures with brief explanations (brief being the operative word).

First, here are some pictures of the beautiful snow we wound up getting toward the end of the week (nearly 4 inches).

IMG_5209 IMG_5208

Then came Valentine’s Day. That was last Friday. Rob and I went to Crossfit together that night and did a themed couples WOD (I fell in love all over again) and then I came home and made French Onion Soup. I spared no calorie. It was heaven.


The Real Deal.
The Real Deal.

Then, Saturday, I woke up and wrote my previous post reviewing Nikki’s Coconut Butter, which was fun mainly because it involved eating the Coconut Butter for breakfast.

Saturday night was special because my girlfriends and I got to get dressed up for a Work Sponsored Gala, while our husbands had man-time.

They will literally kill me for posting this, but I feel like it represents a moment in time that I never want to forget. I failed miserably at taking most photographs of everything that night, and below is no exception.


They are so pretty though.


Sunday, Rob and I were invited to our first Crossfit Dinner Party at our friend Felicia’s house. My job was to bring Paleo Protein Cookies, and I tried a new recipe: Strawberry Shortcake.

This happened (accidentally):

IMG_5288 IMG_5286

Please notice how Sam is also covered in icing, but does not mind as he mops the floor.

Turned out great in the end.


Our dinner party was so fun and so good for the soul (and the stomach).

There was off course, Crossit demos.
There was, of course, Crossit demos.
This guy was my date.
This guy was my date.
Lucy smiled a lot
The food was blow my mind good.
The food was blow my mind good.

On Monday, despite the copious amounts of wine consumed at the dinner party the night before, Rob and I went to Crossfit at 11:30 because we were off for President’s Day. Rob got his first muscle up!

I got the actual MU on video, but snapped this picture on one of his attempts. I PRed my snatch that afternoon and then did enough burpees that have kept my knees bruised until even TODAY. Today. My knees are still bruised.


Later that night we got together with the same Crossfit Group from Sunday at another house for a Pampered Chef Party. I just loved being there for the fellowship. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to share from that night, probably due to the fact that I was parked at the snack table the majority of the time, demonstrating a poor showing of self control.

I’ve been using my new CrockPot that Margaret gave me for Christmas a lot lately, mainly for pork. Not that I am being exclusive with pig lately, but…well maybe I am. Regardless, I LOVE this thing. And I LOVE my friend for getting it for me.



I actually have another pork roast dismantling itself in the crock pot as I type this.

Rob grilled steak two nights ago and swept me off my feet again for the 23rd time this week. Forget what I said about being pig exclusive.


And, because I am still blissfully unaware how much I weigh (because I promised you all I wouldn’t step on the scale until February was over, and I have KEPT my promise), I continue to make more batches of these damn Paleo Protein Cookies. And eat them.

These just came out of the oven (new recipe of Espresso Chocolate Chip).


I’m not really worried about it though. I continue to PR every strength set in the gym this month (front squat at 155# as of Wednesday!) and I am eating clean and for performance, and I’m happy.

Hope you’re happy too. ❤

Oh, I also got 5 new pairs of sox box socks but they are currently in the washing machine and I can’t show you a picture yet.

I’ll post again before the weekend is over. I’ve been drafting another post all week but it’s not quite finished.

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