Snow Day

So this week has started off pretty restful! The south is experiencing some historical winter weather and we got Snow yesterday, which made it a stay and work from home day for Robert and I. The animals were very excited. Today is Day 2 of stay at home, but so far, not much has happened other than working remotely.



Sneak was disappointed to learn this was not his breakfast.
Sneak was disappointed to learn this was not his breakfast.

Eventually it dried up enough to head over to Crossfit last night. PRed my deadlift at 275#! That is a 30 pound PR in two months. Rob, the mass of muscle he is, PRed his as well at 320#. This has been a fun month for sure, as I am crushing all of my old 1RMs. Looking forward to the Open. I feel like I’m officially finding my rhythm back from my shoulder injury. It’s been 3 months since I had the surgery and while it will occasionally be sore after a particularly taxing work out, I’ve finally settled back into feeling strong, healthy, and focused on making gains. Feels good.

We got a new faucet!! Ours bit the dust and was beyond repair (Rob has actually rebuilt this faucet about 3 times since we moved in, but this time it finally went to faucet Heaven) so we ordered what we wanted and Rob installed it Monday night! I am loving it! What a difference it makes. As someone who feels that they are forever standing in front of the sink washing pots and pans from all the dang cooking we do, this actually makes that process so much easier! The final piece left to complete our “remodeled” kitchen is to replace the sink with a large, deep, single basin sink. This will have to wait a few months. Life is expensive.

Sam offering his limited plumbing advice.
Sam offering his limited plumbing advice.


Our amazing new faucet
Our amazing new faucet

Rob should get a superman tattoo on his chest because he’s always coming to my rescue.

Of course we’ve been eating, because what else is there to do when you’re stuck inside? I’ve made a chili, some chicken and veggie curry, and I have two pork roasts cooked up in the crock pot for tonight. I also made another batch of my paleo cookies, this time using Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein and Cocoa! They are completely addicting, especially with coffee. I won’t admit what my daily average consumption of these has been.

I ordered a surprise for Valentine’s Day, I can’t wait to share it on here!! But, for now it has to remain a secret because I bought one as a present for my BFF Margaret. The hint is that it is TASTY.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay happy friends. More to come later this week!

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